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"I wanted to reach out today and just tell you THANK YOU. I worked with you over the last year on your 8-week advanced program with continuous sign up and i wanted to tell you how much you changed my life. My weight stayed the same, but i went from an unhealthy body weight to a healthy and fit/toned body weight. Over the last year you taught me more than just how to lift weights, you taught me about food and not to be afraid to eat as previous fad diets did. You taught me to respect what my body could do and most importantly you taught me to love my own body again. Without the last year with you i would not be able to run 2 miles a day at the speed i am now. I can feel all those toned muscles assisting my runs and would never take back what i learned and gained on the past year with you. My journey is not over, with your support i have made working out my routine over the last year and the stress relief alone will keep me going. So with all that corny nonsense out of the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH KT! You have changed my life and i will forever be grateful."


Client Updates!

Who can resist a weight loss challenge?? Not me! Two years ago my co l-workers and I decided to all lose weight, with prize money at the end. Did I need to lose weight? Oh YES! 30+ pounds later, a new way of eating and me time at the gym...I won!! It would not have been possible without KT’s help, motivation and guidance. On the days I was down on myself and unsure, she reassured me to keep going. Remember: slow and steady win the race! Fast forward to a couple of months ago and another weight loss challenge. With KT’s help, I did it again with another 15+ pounds gone! What was more important than the “win” was the “win” in my own lifestyle. I still have more to go, but a new way of healthy eating and working out and fantastic guidance and information from KT and I know it is possible! 45 pounds gone, 2 pants sizes smaller! Thank you KT!

I came to KT after following her for a long time. I had decent success with keto a few years back, but had some injuries/surgeries that halted my fitness journey and really took a toll on me mentally. Keto, while successful, was too hard to get back to, honestly.. being in a caloric deficit is hard enough, I didn't feel like cutting out my most loved foods again. I started with the beginner's program and had success so I purchased macro plans afterward. Nutrition is the hardest part for me, and even when I messed up, KT was right there to get me motivated and never made me feel bad. She planned everything to MY goals and not some cookie-cutter plan for everyone. The times I felt stuck because the scale wasn't moving, she was quick to remind me how much better I feel, my clothes are fitting differently, and inches and muscle show more than a scale ever would. I was expecting to lose weight and find a routine, but I wasn't expecting to gain confidence long before reaching my goals. I'm so happy I finally signed up and learned so much. Even when I go through something, turn to emotional eating or whatever, I now am able to pick myself up, remind myself of what I want, and easily get back to my macros the next day (something that keto would never allow you). This was the best change I could have made.

Thank you KT for giving me my confidence back. Yes, I lost weight and inches, but I’d lost so much more and she helped me get it back. KT isn’t just my trainer now, she’s my friend. I am stronger than before and more confident in the gym. Being a mother I love the flexibility of my meal plan and how easy it is to stay on track. I am on my second plan and I will continue to work with KT because I am extremely happy with my results as well as her program style.

I started KT’s beginner program April 2019! I had been looking at her website for a while and never had the courage to message her in fear of being embarrassed! I was mentally ready to FINALLY get this baby weight off (3 years later)!! I finished her 12 week program losing about 10 pounds, but it feels like more!! Well here I am now in the middle of her advanced program! She is such an amazing trainer! KT will reply quickly to messages/texts you send regarding anything! She helps with meal ideas and you receive personalized macros that she adjusts once a week! I love that I get weekly check in’s with her to discuss my progress! She is not only there for you with the program but she has become a great friend as well! I can honestly 100% recommend her programs! They have definitely made a huge impact in my life! I can’t wait to see where this takes me physically and mentally 💕 I owe my new inner confidence and outer appearance to her! With out her guidance I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today!!


I started the beginners program with KT in early July of 2019. I decided to give her program a shot after I had tried many attempts to get myself in shape with various programs, DVDs, fad diets, you name it. I never struggled with feeling healthy or looking fit as I used to be a runner, however after getting a career with a sedentary lifestyle, it changed. Once I turned 28 and was diagnosed with high cholesterol (although genetic), I decided to make a change for myself by contacting KT. She got me started on the beginners 8 week program and now I am in to week 1 of the advance program. The time flew by and so did my changes. I lost 4 ½ inches on my waist in 8 weeks and started to see toning in muscles I did not know I had. Now working out is a part of my daily routine and although it sounds cliché, it is the stress relief that I need. I get to de-stress from my day at work and then after my workouts, I physically and mentally feel and look better as each week passes. This program has been 100% rewarding and KT is always available when I need her. The absolute best part (besides the results) is the accountability. If I did not have KT to report to and ask questions, i would probably make excuses not to work out. She keeps me in line and focused on an obtainable goal. Thanks KT!


I knew of KT for a while, actually, maybe even 7ish years. We had mutual friends, so right off the bat I knew she was a real person, that might I add started off just as anyone else did/has. I say that because we I follow tons and tons of Instagram fitness models and I have always, always wondered how they get to where they are and many times became discouraged because no matter the amount of miles I ran or the amount of carbs I turned down I never could get to looking how they did. So, I got to a point a few years ago to where my metabolism was slowing down, and I just wasn’t extremely satisfied with how I looked and felt. I have been hearing amazing things about KT’s success and changes though our mutual friends, so I found her on social media and I literally was blown away. I could not have believed at how someone who used to be my size had transformed their body into one of those Instagram fitness models! Seeing her and her progress gave me so much motivation to do it myself. So, here I am, almost two years later and I swear by her knowledge, both of her AMAZING plans and her willing and motivating coaching that helped me and is still helping me to this day be the best version of myself. She is 100% worth every penny you spend on not only her kick ass workout plans but her macro counts and the food plan she makes you. YOU. Like seriously, YOU are the only person who has the plan. You’re not paying for a standard plan that every person who wants to “lose weight” has. She provides weekly check-ins, answers questions and actually give you delicious food suggestions so you’re not miserable, but you’re full, so so satisfied and still bikini ready. She seriously knows what she is doing, and I am so thankful for her continuous help and motivation!! Thank You KT! <3



When I met KT, I was 30 pounds overweight and disgusted with the way I looked. I knew I needed to make a change, but I didn't know the first thing about creating a workout plan to help me reach my goals. After letting KT know what I wanted to accomplish, she created a customized 4 week plan with exercises and nutrition suggestions. I had no idea I would see such a drastic change in just one month! I was so excited I asked for another 8-week plan, and you can see for yourself the amazing results I experienced. But the best part about working with KT wasn't the exercises or lifestyle changes, it was her constant encouragement and support that she gave me throughout my journey. Yes, I took a week off a couple of times. And no, I didn't always eat healthy. But she let me know that was ok and helped me jump right back in and keep pushing and working hard. That type of support is priceless. One of the best investments you can ever make is taking care of your health and your body. I couldn't have picked a better person to help me through this wonderful journey. Words cannot express how thankful I am for KT! I have lost the 30 pounds that needed to go and I am still working towards furthering my goals. I can't wait to see the results after my new Summer 17 plan!


"KT is AMAZING...she was EXACTLY what I needed with her positive feedback and encouragement, she retrained my attitude towards fitness and help my hand and answered all my many questions while I retrained my body. In 4 weeks time, I gained confidence to walk into my gym and lift weights. KT gave me that confidence. As I said before KT is AMAZING and leads by example...she has helped me find that fire to be a better me for me. And for that I am forever grateful!!!!"


When I first started the macro plan, I was going the gym consistently, eating what I thought was going to help me lose weight. I was drinking shakes for most of my meals and then eating bars and fruit and such for the rest of them. I had been debating on buying a plan for a while... while pregnant with my daughter I gained 100 pounds... I’m 5’3.. and was 230 pounds the day I had my daughter.... it didn’t just “fall off” like everyone told me it would. I finally bought one because I just needed to do something. When I saw my macros I was amazed because my calories were ALOT higher than what I thought they should be for someone trying to tone and lose fat, but I just went with it. Within one week of being able to hit my macros right on I could feel a tremendous difference. The amount of energy I had was crazy, I could triple my old max weight at the gym, it was amazing. I’ve been keeping it up and I feel so much better. My stomach is tighter, I’m more toned, but above everything else, I’m confident, I love myself again. Pregnancy is beautiful and our bodies may never be the same again, but you don’t have to settle for your post-baby body because “that’s just what happens” and because “it’s worth it”, put the work in and I promise you, you will feel better than your old self. You will top the goals you had even before the baby! Kt is hands down the best trainer to have, she genuinely wants you do better for yourself. I had tons of questions and she was there every step of the way with advice and help for everything I needed to reach my goals, to have someone that really cares made all the difference.


KT and I met when we worked together and became fast friends. She has a very compassionate and driven personality. The first plan I purchased for her was a booty plan and I definitely saw some great results (and so did everyone else, ha ha)! While I do love being in the gym, I'm not a typical lifter; I do obstacle course racing. After speaking to KT about my goals, she designed an upper body plan for me to include as part of my training. I went from not finishing many obstacles to flying through them. The strength I gained from following her workouts helped me not just complete races, but do awesome at them! A few months ago, I also finally asked her to help me with my nutrition. I've been "fit" looking for a couple years, but wanted to go that extra step. Working with KT, she always talked about her "macros" and I never really thought it was that big of a deal. I ate pretty healthy, lots of fresh foods, and kinda watched my carbs. Withing two weeks of following the macro plan she made for me, I dropped a full percent body fat and could see a six pack. It was amazing! KT has helped me with not only my fitness goals, but as a friend. She cares about her clients and she is such an inspiration! -Sam

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